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Quality Control

We offer a high quality metal finishing service using prime powders and paints with well maintained production equipment.

Other than taking care in our work we carry out standard quality assurance procedures to ensure the cleanliness of our work environment, integrity of application equipment and heat regime of our electronically controlled ovens.

Further, we offer quality assurance and testing for paint adhesion and surface thickness. These tests whilst carried out as required for in-house quality assurance can be offered subject to commercial arrangement where required, for example, statistical sampling of high volume batch runs.

Paint Thickness Testing

In-house paint thickness testing can be offered where an agreed surface thickness has been requested or components are subject to poor surface coverage, for example, hard to spray inset surfaces or grilles etc. This test can be offered to customers subject to a commercial arrangement to ensure quality over large batch runs.

Scratch Testing

Scratch testing is used to determine surface adhesive of paint to a material surface and involves taking a representative or actual sample that has been coated, cross hatching the surface and then applying some masking tape. After the masking tape has been firmly applied it is then removed and the success of the test is determined by the paint within the cross hatches remaining on the material surface, as detailed in the image below.

Visual Inspection

The majority of our quality control is achieved via visual inspection based on years of experience.


ideal for general manufacturing requirements


ideal for general manufacturing requirements


ideal for general manufacturing requirements

We are renowned for our ability to solve problems and provide a finished appearance that is acknowledged as the best available.

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