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Steel Grating

Nationwide Coatings  - Large Steel Gratings This item which was one of four, was 3m tall and 6m long. Our facilities are ideally suited to handling large items. We also coat fire escapes, railings, gates, architectural fixtures and balustrades. It is worth noting that this tall truck would have to use the long approach to the paint shop due to the low bridge, see location map.

Batch Work

Nationwide Coatings  - Batch Work These items represent a typical batch job. A large number of small items coated and cooked. This job was carried out to client specification which detailed the primer, and coatings to be used

Light Box

Nationwide Coatings  - Light Box These wood light boxes were 3.5m tall and 2.3m wide. The first coat was applied to highlight irregularities in the base which were then filled and sanded smooth before further coats were applied in order to create a perfectly smooth finish.

Architectural Metalwork

Nationwide Coatings  - Architectural Metalwork We carry out alot of work on architectural iron work such as these iron gutter members. Other architectural features include facial panels, railings and pillars.

Exhibition Work

Nationwide Coatings  - Exhibition Stands These items are for exhibition stands. We carry out alot of work for exhibitors and exhibition companies around the UK both refurbishing existing equipment as well as coating new items.


Nationwide Coatings  - Automotive This job was a refurbishment of a quad bike for insurance purposes. The insurance agents original refurbishement agent couldn't get the original paint off in order that the job could be powder coated. The job was then passed over to us, which we had shot blasted clean, and then we coated the framework with a tough durable finish.


Nationwide Coatings  - Plastic Coating We coat plastic items, which are then air dried. These mass produced plastic air conditioning ceiling grills were originally white, but were to be placed in an office with a black ceiling. We are often required to coat items to match either an existing office interior colour scheme or the companies official colour scheme.

Corrosion Resistance

Nationwide Coatings  - Corrosion Resistance These wheels are from fork trucks mounted on the back of lorries and required a corrosion resistant finish to protect them from the salt spray they recieve from the roads. A zinc enriched primer and a polyester top coat were used to produce a corrosion resistant finish capable of withstanding a 2000 hour salt spray test, the equivelent of 15 years external use.


Nationwide Coatings  - Degreasing The basket contains machined aluminium components for cleanig. We clean items by either cooking them clean in the oven, jet washing or shot blasting.

General Metalwork

Nationwide Coatings  - General Metalwork Many of our jobs are general metalwork that require a basic finish. We offer a high quality service with a quick turn around at a good price. To find out how we can help you feel free to call now or use our contact form form to send us your details


ideal for general manufacturing requirements


ideal for general manufacturing requirements


ideal for general manufacturing requirements

We are renowned for our ability to solve problems and provide a finished appearance that is acknowledged as the best available.

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