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Powder Coating

Nationwide Coatings  - Powder Coating We operate two powder coating lines suitable for large jobs up to 7m x 2.4m x 2.4m. We offer a range of colours, finishes and textures using epoxy, epoxy/polyester and polyester powder paints. Our principal activity, powder coating, is complemented by additional services such as degreasing, preparation, and packaging which are detailed below.

Stove Enamelling

Nationwide Coatings  - Stove Enamelling We offer a stove enamelling service in a range of colours.

Air Drying Systems

Nationwide Coatings  - Air Drying Systems For items that are sensitive to the heat we offer a range of air drying finishes for wood, plastics and mdf materials including 2 pack polyurethane, acrylic, PTFE and epoxy coatings.

Box Ovens

Nationwide Coatings  - Box Ovens We operate two electric box ovens:

7.0m x 2.4m x 2.4m
6.0m x 2.4m x 2.4m

Our ovens which are both longer and wider than average are good for large jobs such as fire escapes, balustrades, railings and gates.

Spray Booths

Nationwide Coatings  - Spray Booth Water Curtains We operate a water curtain for each oven, 7m and 6m in length.

Pretreatment & Preparation

Nationwide Coatings  - Degreasing As part of our finishing services we prepare items, such as wood, filling and sanding irregularities in the base material to ensure a smooth and even finish. We also offer a masking service.

Shot Blasting

Nationwide Coatings  - General Metalwork We offer a shot blasting service for items upto 600mm x 500mm x 400mm.

Colour Matching

Nationwide Coatings  - Paint Store We match Ral, BS, Pantone, Crown, and Dulux paints in house.

See our Ral Table
See our BS4800 Table
See our BS381C Table
See our Pantone Table


Nationwide Coatings  - Refurbishment We refurbish old finishes leaving the items looking brand new again, and extending their lifespan. We also provide a service to the general public who want items such as radiators, wheels or garden furniture powder coated.

Packaging & Delivery

Nationwide Coatings  - Packaging & Delivery Where appropriate we package and protect items as required using a range of materials such as cardboard, bubble wrap or shrink wrapping onto a pallet. We also provide a pick up and delivery service using a local courier. For national work we also use a courier service.


ideal for general manufacturing requirements


ideal for general manufacturing requirements


ideal for general manufacturing requirements

We are renowned for our ability to solve problems and provide a finished appearance that is acknowledged as the best available.

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