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Architectural Powder Coating

We offer powder coating services for architectural applications.

Our core strengths are our large powder coating ovens suited to coating items up to 7m long.

We offer standard polyester powder coat finishes which are suitable for components that are situated outdoors and subject to exposure as well as a range of superior finishes for extended life expectancy and performance.

UV Resistance

The key feature for architectural components that have been powder coated is their ability to retain their colour over time under exposure to sunlight. In particular, colours such as red, yellow and orange have a tendency to fade rapidly.

Polyester powder coatings are in their standard makeup resistant to the effects of UV although we can offer higher quality polyester powder coatings where the life expectancy is much how.

Life expectancy is often measured in Florida Years which represent the number of years exposure to a Florida sunshine year round, which even in Florida you don't get. As such, a super-durable polyester coating might be rated at 5 Florida Years and an expected lifespan over over 20 actual years. We offer a range of life expectancies including 5, 12 and 20 years.

If you would like to discuss the options for out architectural powder coating finishes, please feel free to call for more information.

Architectural Applications

Typical architectural components that we powder coating include:


For highly durable finishes, many architectural components are given primers. We can offer a range of primers to suit most requirements including zinc rich and zinc free primers.

Colour Matching

A common requirement for architectural finishes is colour matching. We can match most colours to existing colour schemes as well as supply standard Ral and Pantone colours.

Plastics and MDF Air Dry Coatings

Many internal architectural projects include plastic and MDF materials that might be standard off the shelf items in standard colours or blanks that require finishing and matching to surrounding colours. We can offer air dry systems including single and two pack coatings for such components. We are always happy to handle MDF materials and can carry out all filling and pre-treatments as required. For more on out MDF surface coating services click here.


ideal for general manufacturing requirements


ideal for general manufacturing requirements


ideal for general manufacturing requirements

We are renowned for our ability to solve problems and provide a finished appearance that is acknowledged as the best available.

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